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Chesapeake CNC is a precision oriented company using the latest Swiss stye technology.

Today, Chesapeake CNC Manufacturing Center offers the ultimate in flexibility, high quality and reliable machining services. Exotic materials and close tolerance parts are delivered promptly in both large and small production lots.

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ISO 9001:2008 Certified Quality System

Experienced Technicians

Chesapeake CNC has over 60 years of experience in the industry, and that number continues to grow. Although experience is important, staying up to date on the newest infomation ensures a quality product for our customer. Our technicians are constantly training to provide more efficient workmanship for our customers.

Customer Oriented

Close communication is an integral part of the manufacturing process. Management works closely with customers to ensure complete satisfaction. Chesapeake CNC strives to provide reliable and consistent customer service to both new and existing customers.

Growing Business

Over the years Chesapeake CNC Manufacturing Center has been expanding and improving our manufacturing capabilities. We are continually monitoring new equipment and manufacturing techniques to meet the ever increasing demands of our industry. Chesapeake CNC has recently moved to a new larger facility in Chestertown, MD.

Quality Assurance

Chesapeake CNC has implemented a quality control department to better serve our customers. All parts are checked numerous times, by multiple employees, to ensure acceptable parts are being shipped and sold. Our goal is to eliminate all errors before leaving our facility.

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We are a 24 hour operating facility